Things to take note when booking a house moving service in Singapore

First time relocating to a different location?
Frequently moving to different locations?
Are you getting charged the right price?
Is the mover reliable?
Trouble finding the right mover to suit your needs?


  • Choosing the right mover

    • Choose your mover based on what you are moving

      • Some moving companies only move for big projects, for example, big company relocation.
      • If you are looking to do moving for smaller projects as compared to the above, for example house moving, office relocation, single-item moving, single-room moving, etc. Look for House Moving Companies.
      • Always look for the right mover for the service that you want
    • Reputation and Reliability

      • As there are a lot of moving company out there, there are bound to be some moving companies that are less reliable as compared to the others. Examples of service by unreliable movers:
        • Do not handle your items with care, tend to break or spoil things when moving
        • Not flexible when encountering different situations when moving – rejecting last minute add-on items, adding a moving locations, etc
      • Items that you are moving are usually very valuable to you, as you could have thrown them away instead of moving the items, as moving the items add on to the moving cost. You do not want your items to be damaged when not handled with care by the mover.
        Choosing the right mover with good reputation would be recommended for you.


  • Getting the right price for the items that you are moving

    • Always compare prices when moving your items

      • Always compare prices from different websites to get a clearer picture of the market rate for moving your items
    • To get a more accurate quote for your items, always take pictures of your items that comes in different sizes, for example:

      • Refrigerator
      • Mattress
      • Washing Machine
      • Piano
      • Sofa
    • Some items may need disassembling to fit into the lift

      • Wardrobe and cabinet
      • Bed frame
    • Mid-night moving, unconventional times moving & last minute moving

      • There may be extra charges when it comes to moving during unconventional times and last minute moving


  • Always book early

    • Appointments are always fully booked during end of months as contracts are up

    • A lot places have specific time allocated for moving, for example:

      • Condominiums
      • Office buildings
      • Shopping centres


Thank you for reading. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right mover at the right price.
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We wish you all the best! 🙂