How to book a moving service with us?

How to book a moving service with Cheap Professional Movers?
Guaranteed Cheapest Professional Movers in Singapore!

Call/WhatsApp/Message us at +65 8102 7366
Or Email us at

With the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Date and Time of Planned Moving
    • Example – Finish moving before 5 PM, Start moving by 9 am, etc
  3. Are there any stairs involved during the moving?
    • A lot of moving requires climbing of stairs due to no direct lift access
  4. Type of Moving Service:
    • House Moving
    • Room Moving
    • Office Relocation
    • Single-Item Moving
  5. Items Included in the moving
    • How many cartons/boxes of loose/small items are you moving? (Clothing, bags,
    • What are the big/bulky items that you are moving? (Refrigerator, Bed, Washing Machine, Wardrobe, etc)
      • Take photo of the items for more accurate quote!
      • Some items may need disassembling and assembling to fit into the lift